About Us


Our design philosophy is based on the PEOPLE first, how to enhance the spaces which they live and work.

Before we begin a project we always ask ourselves “HOW CAN THIS DESIGN CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY?”

We have to be conscious of environmental issues to make a better sustainable world and also meet the social needs of people and the urban context. Vertical Studio is an integrated practice of Architecture, Interior, and Landscape / Urban Planning ; making these disciplines connect to one another in order to create more vibrant communities. From master planning to individual buildings, and interior spaces extending out to the landscape; each sharing interdependent relationship with each other striving to make a cohesive whole. Our designs are not predicated by a singular language, but inspired through careful assessment of history, climate, modern technologies, culture and the context of the place where they stand. We see ourselves as PROBLEM SOLVERS trying our best to give design solutions to the challenge in every project

COLLABORATION is one of our key principles, working with local architects, international designers, engineers, artists, graphic designers, builders, interns; everyone has something to contribute by sharing ideas and knowledge. Vertical Studio is also proactive in extending their passion for the arts of design by educating young minds, participating in workshops, and being involved in community forums. Our office culture, is about sharing and spreading the knowledge and having a design voice, the more minds of different cultures and diversity >>more ideas >> more experience, knowledge and CREATIVITY.