Lim 3 Office Towers

Lim 3 Office Towers


Hoa Lam Corporation




District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

One of the re-known characteristic of Chicago style architecture is the order and simple symmetry of details; making it timeless architecture.

Lim 3 office tower is composed of 27 levels and 40,000 sqm located in the heart of Saigon on prominent street, Nguyen Dinh Chieu. The facade designed by Vertical Studio; the objective was to create a slender tall office tower, reminiscent of classical Chicago style buildings with a systematic rhythm of a windows following a grid, utilizing window systems maximizing natural light and ventilation with a sense of order and symmetry to overall look. The offices designed according to a regular grid system promotes efficient construction. The facade is modern by applying the simplicity of materials of white stone and minimal projection of decor from curtain wall system to create depth and shadow in the facade. At the top level a public dining cafe area for the residents of the towers to enjoy viewing sunset overlooking the city skyline. Also the lobby interior designed is modern classical and luxurious by installing large size marble tiles and the use of matte bronze details in the reception feature wall; only using 3 main materials of wood, bronze metal and white marble tiles to keep the space simple and spacious.