Happy Premiere Residences

Happy Premiere Residences


Phu My Hung Developers




District 7, HCMC, Vietnam

Creating gestures and details to combine the architecture and landscape harmoniously

Vertical Studio was approached with the basic design of architecture plans for a residential tower and requested to give a facade design to reflect the modern style of today, the design intent was to create a building to give impression of depth, rather than the typical apartment towers with punched windows generally seen around Ho Chi Minh. Vertical Studio wanted to create horizontal window systems that made each apartment unit flow into the other, where one could not distinguish one apartment unit from other but envisioned the whole level as one apartment like a penthouse level, upgrading the value of the tower. The use of dark grey metal framed windows and the contrast of white stone columns adds to the modernity of the facade. Below on ground level the storefront set back from the column gives each shophouse a covered area for sun and rain protection, creating a covered walkway for cafes and boutique shops. VScape designed the landscape to follow the same lines and patterns of facade by creating a linear in the pattern of the pavement showing areas of pedestrian movement and also creating public moments for resting with benches that integrate into the landscape, this promote interest to public along the Main Street and creating visual features in front of the tower