Banciao Residential Tower

Banciao Residential Tower


Sanlight Corporation




New Taipei City, Taiwan

Simplicity of clean and well- articulate facade on all sides gives overall tower a modern and timeless appeal.

Banciao Tower is currently under construction almost reaching the top level 31( and scheduled to be completed in 2020, the concept and architectural facade designed in collaboration with .Mark Butler Associates, Australian architect. The concept and challenge was to make heavily structured tower feel light through the use of light grey stones and horizontal decor in facade, the architecture facade articulated methods to hide technical areas and service balconies; making the overall look simple, sophisticated and minimal. The original local architects’ plans was complex in form with many set backs at different levels, also angular push outs at different corners so the task was to make the overall tower look connected as one language, to simplify and clean up the facade to be more organized and minimal giving it a more luxury sleek feeling