Wushi Resort

Wushi Resort


Wushi Cooperations


Runner-Up 2014 Competition


Wushi Harbour, Taiwan

Architecture takes on organic forms representing species of the sea and blending into the natural soft coastline.

The design of Wushi Water Park Resort was inspired by the site’s natural beauties, one side the vast sea and the other side the majestic mountains of Taiwan. In collaboration with PTW Architects and the Vertical Studio Taipei working with a local design firm HAP Architects, the competition submission combines international design aesthetics with local methodology of construction and budget for building. The hotel architecture planning and facade is based on the shape of a local whale that lives in the sea near the Harbour ; with round corners and continuous horizontal smooth curves of the facade and some special rooms at the end has stepping green terraces with views looking out toward the sea. And at the hotel podium large areas are dedicated to activities like large deep pool for diving school, restaurants and surf shops all connected to large water park with central wave pool. It’s a holiday resort dedicated for families with many activities for different genres