Dunbei Office Tower

Dunbei Office Tower


Kingdom Developers


1st place 2015


Taipei City, Taiwan

The Dunbei Office Tower occupies a prominent street between the airport and city Centre, the tower visible to travelers and locals daily with heavy traffic flow, so the designed called to create a tower that became a bench mark for high-rise. Inspired by the mountain horizon as the backdrop of the city, Dunbei Office tower architecture was sculpted to be like a gemstone cut from the mountains with angular facade applying double skin glass curtain wall. The reflective blue glass curtain walling combines interplay of horizontal sun-shading louvres and fins, creating a play of light and reflection on the glass. Vertical Studio worked closely in partnership with architecture firm in London OAC ( to design architecture and landscape with considerations of green sustainable principles of solar panels on roof and energy saving systems for facade using double glazing low-e glass and rain collection self-irrigation techniques for green scape throughout the building. At night the tower lights up like a lantern and the ground level plaza provides common areas for gathers and events like festivals