Keelung Harbour Port

Keelung Harbour Port


Taiwan Government




Keelung, Taiwan



Iconic architecture is not just about Grandeur, but rather to discover a way of recognizing architecture that is beautiful in form, that serves a useful purpose, and creates a sense of place by contributing to the public realm

Vertical Studio in partnership with ACDF ( placed honorable mention in international design competition for New Keelung Harbour port project; a terminal with office towers for immigration procedures for shipping products into Taiwan and visitor check-in for station for cruise ships, a cultural center for marine life and museum, also large outdoor plaza for night markets and social gathering for festivals. The inspiration for the design was based on the presence of water, physically and spiritually; water often being used as means of transportation for boats, Our first objective was to make water accessible to people of Taiwan as an essential experience for visitors and locals. So a linear park with water feature presented along the entire length of the site along the Harbour and this becomes the iconic moment of the development to bring people socially together. The characteristic of water is reflected in the shimmering facade of the new office towers, and water’s ability to moderate temperature used to enhance the micro-climate of the site and the public gathering spaces. Finally, the existence of waters unique qualities will inspire inner reflection and contemplation for visitors and workers at the facilities.