K-Art Shipping Container Installation

K-Art Shipping Container Installation


Kaosiung Public Department




Kaosiung, Taiwan

If all power and electricity lost from a big natural disaster, these LIGHT-SCULPTURES in landscape give hope and light to the lost souls. Vertical Studio was selected as top 5 architecture firm to set up an art installation in Kaosiung, Taiwan with the theme to use shipping containers as a symbol of hope after a natural disaster. With a 10,000usd budget Vertical designed 2 containers set vertically with laser cut pattern representing the water movement of heavy rains during typhoons, the idea to set these vertical light houses in the landscape as beacons of light for lost people to find and use as a spiritual refuge. The light boxes with solar panels at the roof would stay “lighted” when all electricity were lost so it would reflect the perforated patterns onto the landscape being a symbol for hope. Inside the container was a circular bench set for people to sit and contemplate and pray in silence, creating a place reflection Currently these containers are set in one of the industrial parks in Kaosiung, and the public uses the space for resting and taking photographs at night of the pattern reflected on the green grass. Sometimes couples would meet in the light box for a romantic date or a place for intimate conversations. It now has become art in landscape