Wende Residential Tower

Wende Residential Tower


Hoa Lam Corporation


Competition, 1st Place 2014


Taipei, Taiwan

Vertical Green is the interstitial space that connects the towers.

Wende Residential Tower was a competition in a historical area; the main design had to respect the current neighborhood conditions of the old temple situated on the site. The architecture design intent was to create a sculptural iconic tower that became a landmark for the community; the podium was designated to community activities attached to a police station and a green park that was the center area within the towers. The facade merged two towers seamlessly forming a vertical green as the interstitial space to connect two towers, it became a sculptural object in the city skyline; the organic curves setting it apart from the other conventional rectilinear adjacent towers. The apartments are an urban sanctuary from the busy city below and each green balcony varies slightly from each level to give residents individuality of their unit. After winning 1st place for the concept design, Vertical Studio collaborated with Sun Yuan Architects ( to develop further the budget details to build