The PEAK (M8)

The PEAK (M8)


Phu My Hung Developers




D7,HCMC, Vietnam

Inspired by the element of water, this FLOW, is carried throughout the interior and landscape in the circulation and details of each space; creating seamless connections.

The Peak was the last towers composed in a series of towers known as Midtown Project. The Peak site area 27,725m2 consisting of over 1000 apartment units. The series of Towers are like a music crescendo with the PEAK being the last one, building up to the grande finale it was meant to be the highlight of all the other towers; most luxurious with double the green space area and better quality of materials and more functions, and more exclusive. Vertical Studio designed all interior public spaces and chose the main materials for the apartment units following the concept of “FLOW” inspired by movement of shimmering water from the river in front of site, and the inspiration of waterfall, all details reflect the fluidness of landscape design into interior and also reflecting the style of architectural facade making it all ONE continuous design concept. The interior lobbies each have their own distinguished function and atmosphere, each like an art gallery; the interior materials color palettes more harmoniously arranged to create relaxed but yet sophisticated environment. The Peak also has 2 levels of public facilities for residents in each tower, creating functions for different genres of people: art and music studios for kids, cooking classes for adults, karate and dance rooms, as well and public areas for families to gather like flexible lounge/community rooms and covered barbecues spaces. It was an urban retreat to create balanced living spaces anchored with tropical green surroundings filled with a sense of PLACE. Concept redefine luxury to a new level of harmony and comfort