Kingdom 101 Residence

Kingdom 101 Residence


Hoa Lam Corporation




District 10, HCMC, Vietnam

Green is needed – the idea to offer a Central Park to bring the community together as a WHOLE

The original master plan centers around a Big Green Central Park (size of 2 football fields) where all the residential towers view into the main park and all the social functions and public activities happen; giving the community of District 10 a spacious green area and a buffer from the chaotic fast paced traffic of the city. The landscape design used the green park to continue the green scape vertically to the towers of Kingdom 101 from creating green climbing walls for the parking levels then also large extending planter boxes from each lift lobby corridor (allowing view of a small garden from entering and exiting the elevators), then landscape continues around the edge of level 4 the public facilities and swimming pools and to the roof gardens. The whole site becomes a green community from the park to the living spaces