Happy Premiere Residences

Happy Premiere Residences


Phu My Hung Developers




District 7, HCMC, Vietnam

Turn dis-advantages into a nice orientated value by design intentions

When VScape first review this project, we found there are many disorganised issues and they are not adding value to either the project or the space. For example, on the ground level, it plans to have all the shop fronts but also give a height differences to make difficulty to entry the shops. Then the swimming pool levels are having heights differences as well to make a great wall to block the facilities movement. VScape takes those limitations as inspirations to unique the space. We orientated the swimming pool so we could make the connection better. Using the transparent material to build the pool edge helps to open up the space. The small turning space becomes a sunken sofa and provides a quiet place for private gathering; also separate the adult pool and children’s pool. On the ground level, VScape team is using the height changes as the patterns to decorate the floor and steps. It also combines the height changed flower beds and planter boxes. Each shop fronts have a special colour tree to welcome their customers and greeting to people on the street.