Lac Viet Resort

Lac Viet Resort




Concept 2019


Lac Viet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Real-estate market target or Hotel business focus, or are there any new trends?

VScape team is invited to a 1/500 masterplan competition for a 12 ha resort project with total GFA is around 75,000 m2. The functions are required to have 4 or 5 star hotel, condotel, villas, club houses and food and beverage facilities. Before go directly to plan this site, the team proposed series questions to ask ourselves. One of them is “What is the most essential to the site when you consider the long term sustainable future?” If we follow what the market asks for, then we will give most benefits to the real estates which are the condo, villas and all surrounding town houses that client will sell in phases. If we focus on the hotel quality and requirements, the isolated hotel design could be a better choice but it disconnect to the neighbourhood. We are thinking if there are any other trends or ways which are possible to offer balanced options?. VScape provides two options finally. We use soft landscape, like grass field or river pond to connect visually and also creates the buffer for each function. They look and feel like connected but in reality the functions are separated depend on the different degree of privacy. The options apply the market needs and satisfy the hotel operator’s requirements. One of them is adopting the new “experience economy” concept to have more indoor experiences shopping mall than the traditional F&B retails. It focuses to create a new life style for the whole community rather than just concentrated one of either the hotel customers or the residents.