Gamuda Sale Gallery

Gamuda Sale Gallery


Gamuda Land




Tan Phu District, HCMC, Vietnam

Landscape should follow the architecture and Interior design, or Architecture and Interior Design should follow the Landscape? All are interchangeable influencing one another.

In this 2800 m2 project, VScape team learns how to work with architecture and interior all together. The concept design start at the same times but consist with the same design intent. Architecture has the louvres on the façade as the highlighted wall, then interior has layered ceiling and wall to address it, and in landscape, we use layers water feature to correspond façade and interior. In the details, we use cutting lines on the granite to control the water flow, combining the lighting during the night; the space becomes more organised and modern look. It also still maintains the relaxing home feeling with all special selected plants and trees. There is also a kid playground in the back of sale gallery. Instead of just purchasing a set and install on the site, VScape team design the playground facilities to match more the kid’s play and enjoy the special unique for them.