Phu Long Dragon Riverside

Phu Long Dragon Riverside




Concept + Design + Development


District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

Make all connecting and circulating flow continuously

The Dragon riverside project has 2 phases. The first phase is the residential compound in the back. It has four look-same towers with same building heights. Also they are having three same design main gates and lobbies with only difference in locations. VScape team has an idea to connect them but gave the significant perceptions of each entry door. Golden Sand, Blue River and Green Forest are the three main theme for the three main entry door. Those three are connected with wooden deck but incorporate with three vary types materials, plants and shapes. The front side has the shopping mall building, office and hotel, with linear open spaces in front of the buildings and towers. VScape uses the same movement to extend the concept from residential to this side with more commercial approaches. It has water fountain in front of office and mall building, then towards to the public park and children play ground.