Crescent Mall

Crescent Mall


Phu My Hung




District 7, HCMC, Vietnam

More than just a High quality shopping mall, landscape creates pleasant experience with pedestrian walkway, rooftop gardens and relaxing terraces.

VScape team has a very short work time to carry out the landscape design concept for this Crescent Mall phase 2 which includes 6 levels mall floor areas and also a type A office high-rise tower. Crescent Mall phase 1 is the only shopping mall in PMH area and it is quite successful in terms of the business. The existing landscape of phase 1 has very hard and dry surface with little trees and plants. For the phase 2, VScape team is not only extending the concept pattern from architecture façade to the ground floor pattern, but also grow more plants and trees to provide more shading. Architecture façade has louvres to represent the raining and we continue to have rain drops on the ground. On the roof top area, we use the same circle rain drop shape to create the seating area with urban forest feeling. It could provide the office tenants a better outdoor environment.