Hope Residence

Hope Residence


Central Construction Company




Hanoi, Vietnam

Landscape features more than just functional, creates interest and social interaction for the people.

Vscape is employed to do design development from the approved concept plan by another designer. When Vscape team reviews this project, we find some issues and needs to be solved in order to construct. For example, the general drainage system didn’t be considered into concept stage. It will make the garden flooding easily and water will flow directly to indoor. Also the circulation is not convenient for the residents. Some lanes are inaccessible and unapproachable. Our main tasks was to review and check all the levels to ensure it was functional and worked with the overall architecture. We also provided the fire trunk road and add the drainage system into the gap between the structure and slab and landscaping. Hills and mounds created for trees and plants to grow and give the feeling of mountains by raising them. The selection of the plant species were based on the concept of four seasons so that each season new plants would bloom creating a different atmosphere for each season. And intimate hidden playgrounds were strategically placed around the hills for kids to discover. Plus the plants blooming four seasons, each season the garden can represent different feeling. We also create hidden secret playgrounds around the hills so that kids can discover areas of play and this combined with some interactive water features to keep kids cool during hot summer days. All these landscape elements help to make landscape an enjoyable space to relax and play.